The Ufo is an advanced and highly accurate, anti-destruction, valve integrated, prepaid ultrasonic water meter and data end-point for residential applications.With no moving parts,the Ufo is able to be reliable and long lasting precision.With its robust fully-wrapped design, the Ufo is anti-destruction and IP68 protection. With its high dynamic range and valve control, it's the best solution for addressing NRW.The Ufo is fully IoT ready-NB-IoT, Lora Private network, LoRaWan, Sigfox, GPRS, Wmbus. It is easy for you to built AMR/AMI system.

  • High Peformance

    The Ufo measures the water 4 times in 1 second, adopt time difference algorithm up to 10^16, as well as its Intelligent data error correction technology, making the measurement high accuracy and stability. Ufo's ultrasonic technology is based on years of IFA experience in the production of all kinds of infant and conventional flow meters.

    · Installation in any position · No air measuring · Indifferent to sand and particles in the flow · Bi-directional flow measurement · Valve open and close 10,000 times life time · Valve Self-cleansing · Anti-scaling technology

  • 3 types optional battery life span & Replaceable battery

    Due to Ufo's low power consumption and its IP 68 register, with no moving parts , fully-wrapped, anti-destruction design, and its body is made from durable pps composite; this robust design makes the Ufo maintenance-free and highly precise throughout its exceptional battery life span. We consider it to be perfect, so we design the battery is replaceable and it is also IP68 protection.

  • IP 68 Design

    Because of the water molecule will penetrate into the plastic under the extreme conditions, strictly speaking the plastic housing is not water-proof. The Ufo’s IP68 design solves this problem, to make sure itself to be IP68 protection.

  • The solution for addressing NRW
    With its highly accurate calculation and intelligent error correction technology, the Ufo is powerful solution for addressing NRW-detecting leaks, pipe burst, when above happens, the valve will automatically close, also you can control from your AMR system. As well as improving consumer's awareness and satisfaction. Increased revenue with registration of previously unmetered water.

  • Data Endpoint

    The Ufo data collection and logging capability can provide a high resolution detailed local consumption profile and help utilities inform customers on unusual consumption patterns or events. This promotes customer engagement and resource awareness. Multiple settable alarms and events include Leaks, Backflow, Blank pipe, Pipe Bursts available. The non-volatile flash memory ensures no data loss even in cases of endof-battery

  • IoT:Internet of Thing

    The Ufo is a data collection end-point device coupled with LPWAN communication module, providing the foundation for a reliable and scalable AMR network such as NB-IoT, LoRa private network, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, GPRS and so on.

  • Optimum Antenna Design

    Due to our engineer’s effort and draw the lession from the past , The Ufo’s antenna apply vertical polarization; pcb and antenna are perfectly matched, make sure the meter have optimum signal, means the meter can have long distance and more signal coverage.

Technical Data 

Standards Communication Ways

· MID (OIML R49, EN 14154,ISO 4064)


· IP68 (submersible)

· Lora Private Network

· LoRaWAN 

· NB-IoT

· Wmbus


· Sigfo

  • Technical Specifications 
Head Loss     0.25 bar @ Q3
Maximum Working Pressure  16 bar
Maximum Water Temperature  50°C
Body  Brass(lead free)
Installation Horizontal, vertical


  • Dimensions

Model UFO  15 UFO  20 UFO  25
Size DN15 DN20 DN25
L – Length (mm) 165 195 225
H – Overall height (mm) 128.5 130.5 130.5
h – Height above axis (mm) 108.5 110.5 112.5
W – Width (mm) 92.5 101 101
 Weight (kg)  0.85 1.10 1.25
 Threads BSp


  • Flow Rate Performance 

Model  Q3 (m3/h) Q1 (L/h) R Starting flow (l/h)  p [m]
 Ufo 15 2.5  15.6/10  160/250 3 0.25
Ufo 20 4.0 25/16 160/250 5 0.25
Ufo 25 6.3 39.4/25.2 160/250 8 0.25

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