Smart Monitoring and Control Online Software

IFA Data Loggers Monitoring System

  • Access to the classified information on the website
  • Fast response to advanced reports
  • Managing and keeping unlimited reports without efficiency reduction
  • Unlimited access via different PDAs
  • Live display of received data in the form of diagrams or charts
  • Some of the Characteristics of Online Software to Manage Received Data from Data Loggers

  • Classifying data loggers according to geographical areas
  • Classifying users in terms of their accessibility levels and providing tree diagrams
  • Live observation of general status of data loggers on the map
  • Separate pages for data loggers in order to observe:
  • Reports in diagram, chart, and Gauge
  • Reports hourly, daily, monthly, and manually
  • Alarms
  • Default schematic
  • Configuring and setting data logger ports
  • Defining alarms and setting numbers in order to send immediate SMS when there is an alarm
  • Live observation of data logger warnings on all of the pages
  • Observing archived alarms and reports of data loggers with search capability according to all the fields
  • Observing all the reports and alarms in charts and diagrams
  • Observing all the variables of the data loggers in the form of diagrams (live and archived)
  • Schematic defining for HMI observing of data logger’s status
  • Hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly reports in the forms of charts and diagrams classified as below:
  • Different variables
  • Different cumulative functions including minimum, maximum, average, deviation and son on Different data loggers
  • Sending a variety of controlling and setting commands to the data loggers in group
  • Sending automatic commands in order to recover data, set time, and set sending rate
  • Keeping a record of users’ activities on the website
  • Sending all the reports in RFT, CSV, PDF, XLSX formats
  • Defining a verity of variables like temperature, pressure and so on in order to manage data easily
  • Defining profiles for diagrams and different reports in order to ease working and save time
  • Filtering the lists according different fields
  • Creating advanced filters (and, or, not)

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