Smart Electromagnetic Meter (Open Channel)

This meter is a combination of flow Meters and control gates to operate automatically. It is used in Open channels and ending points. This system can also measure the cross section of water in the channel at the same time.

  • Equipped with a system supporting IEC 60870-5-104، DMP3، Modbus protocols
  • Capable of being connected to telemetry systems, monitoring and internal modems GSM-GPRS
  • Accuracy 1% to 2% out of full scale
  • Built-in sensor to non-contact measurement of height
  • Capability to parallel together with several systems in a big channel
  • No external parts (capable of being rubbed)
  • Capable of being installed in concrete and levee channels
  • Easy replacement with partial flow Meters
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Capable of being buried in concrete

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