Smart 800-INS-Z

Applicable to agricultural wells, diesel pumps, and gravity currents

  •  Based on measurement of the amount of passing water with accuracy of 0.5%
  •  No moving mechanical parts in the way of water flow
  •  No need for periodical calibration
  •  On site easy and fast repair (completely modular)
  •  Impossible to contravene and manipulate
  •  Without fragile pieces
  •  Sealed in order to protect the meter from being removed
  •  Seamless cast iron body which requires neither input electricity nor any locks and protectors
  •  Capable of operating with an internal Li-ion battery for 3 years
  •  No need for any external power supply or connections
  •  Sensor for mechanical shock or interior strike with essential alarms
  •  Internal temperature sensor in order to alarm and protect the shield
  •  Sensor for measuring EC (electrical conductivity), quality of water
  •  Hal effect sensor for measuring the externally applied fields
  •  No requirement to apply U-tube in inlet or free outlet of the meter
  •  Capable of being installed, in all modes, vertically, horizontally
  •  Recognizing empty pipes and applying essential alarms
  •  Capable of measuring the amount of water returning from pipes to the well which is off
  •  No need for equipping wells with electricity
  •  Ability to connect and disconnect water flow by means of an internal battery up to 100 times each year without any power supply
  •  Internal GPRS/GSM antenna and modem with no requirement for any external antennas
  •  Internal GPS recognizing and displaying the position of the meter in order to protect it against removal
  •  Optical port
  •  Recording the consumption behavior on a memory card (up to 8 Gb) and smart cards (up to 1 Kb)
  •  Capable of controlling consumption in a scheduled way (direct disconnection of water)
  •  The capacity of reading information via manual hand holders (Bluetooth, Infrared)
  •  Relay output in order to turn the pump off, (dis)connect the contactor, circuit breaker, and diesel injection pump
  •  Sending current and average flow rate, and operating time
  •  Being scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly while setting the card or remotely
  •  Sending information via SMS and GPRS
  •  Information record and online display of reports
  •  The capacity to report consumption rates, current and average flow, and violation when recharging the card
  •  Capability of being connected to the online software

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