The Positive Displacement Type flow meter is most frequently used flow meter with highest accuracy and greatest convenience.
1. Highest accuracy and reliability.
We have achieved remarkable precision and reliability through advanced processing technology, quality control technology and a world class inspection and assembly technology as well as strict assessment to the level that only state-recognized institutions can accomplish.
2. Simple and user-friendly structure
As the mechanism for the PD flow meters is simple, the PD flow meters has uncomplicated structure and parts, compared to the other flow meters. It was designed to contain little liquid contact parts so that liquid stays in the chamber very shortly. The PD flow meter driven by strong magnet coupling has gear system mounted outside measurement chamber, making it highly durable and easier to dismantle and assemble. As it does not contact liquid, it is highly durable and easy to dismantle and assemble.


PD Flow Meter (Spiral Type)
The internal design of measurement chamber of PD flow meter include a spiral shaped rotor.
This prevents flowing liquid from generating ripples and contributes to the minimal ripple and noise
as well as high precision.
1. PD flow meter generates little ripple and noise due to its special spiral rotor;
2. Optimal for measuring petroleum for sale as it hardly vibrates and is highly accurate and reliable
3. Excellent durability
4. A large volume liquid is processed per revolution and rotation velocity is high. Therefore PD flow meter is suitable for large volume flow measurement.
5. It achieves uniform velocity while driving so as to ensure stable and accurate signal transmission.
6. It loses less pressure due to its uniform velocity rotation.
7. It supports pulse, analog and RS485 for signal reception.

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