GPRS / GPS Datalogger
  •  6 channels (analog/ digital) with high precision
  •  4 digital input channels (DI)
  •  2 digital pulse channels (DP)
  •  2 digital output channels (DO)
  •  Power outage warning
  •  Programmable upload time (5 seconds to 1 day)
  •  Programmable data collecting time (1 minute to 60 Minutes)
  •  Programmable support of uploading data via SMS and GPRS
  •  Supporting uploading data via SMS and GPRS triggered by alarm or manual control
  •  Reporting nonstop warning (real time) via GSM SMS or GPRS Data
  •  Setting the device, checking the parameters, and reporting the status via GSM SMS or GPRS Data
  •  Remote or local setting via SMS/GPRS
  •  Programming data which has been read (period, starting point, minimum and maximum limits of threshold and pulse level)
  •  RS485 port for reading the device with ModBus industrial protocol support
  •  Supporting domain name or static IP
  •  Supporting data transferring protocols, UDP or TCP
  •  A sustainable 4-Gb MMC memory in order to save data record and set parameters when there is power outage
  •  The maximum number of records is 1 million. So the device can record data for 10 years if date record is set for 5 minutes.
  •  Outdoor box with IP67
  •  A (4×20 characters) LCD for local setting and displaying parameters
  •  Dedicated or VPS server

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