Ifa Sanat Garb in Brief


    Debuting as “Professor Hesabi Robotic Control” group
    Awarded in Khwarizmi International Award as the best group
    Designing and producing teaching and playback systems, DC and STEP motors drivers


    Keeping up activities under the name of “Azarandish” group
    Designing and producing LED panels programmable with keyboard, packaging and weighing machines automation systems, and programmable logic control unit (PLC) of industrial machines


    Continuing the activities under the name of two new established companies, “Ifa Sanat Gharb” with the same shareholders, and “Ifa Tozin Gharb” with other shareholders
    Keeping up in the field of weighing automation systems, designing and producing a vast variety of weighing structures and automatic weighing machines, repairing, setting up, and delivering 160 bascules with high standards


    Being agent of foreign companies in the field of ‘AC invertor drive speed controllers’ and IEI and ICP signals collecting systems
    Cooperating with Schneider Co. in an integrator system
    Programming and installing a variety of industrial controllers
    Beginning to work on telemetry and meter reading automation systems
    Installing and setting up perchlorine automation of Chlor Pars company


    Designing and producing energy meters remote reading systems and granting the product exclusive franchise to Elster company (Paud Raad)
    Operating several successful meter reading automations including Zanjan industrial town, Rasht trading sections, Tehran Jame Jam Hemmat, Iran Alloy Steel Company for the first time in Iran
    Designing and producing a sample ambulatory automatic reading machine, equipped with GPS, presented in the electronics conference
    Designing and producing a variety of wireless radio modems, PSTN modems, CLO convertors, energy meters with internal modems, and smart meters
    Reading meters behind the closed doors
    Applying wireless tank level control systems under the Easy Tele brand


    Cooperating with engineers of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park on producing radio systems
    Chief member of Industrial Automation Association of Iran
    Chief member of homogeneous Electronics and Electricity Association of East Azerbaijan
    Higher-up and shareholder of the first electronic industrial town, Sahand Azaran


    Establishing Ifa Sanjesh Abzar company with foreign investment in order to produce instruments like electromagnetic flow meters
    Establishing flow metering lab in cooperation with the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
    Beginning to produce ultrasonic transit time flow meters, GPRS DTU, and GPRS Data Logger in reliance on R&D experts of Ifa Sanat Gharb Co.


    Designing and producing ultrasonic transit time flow meters
    Designing and setting up online monitoring and control software
    Setting up flow metering lab and obtaining relevant certifications


    Mass production of electromagnetic flow meters with metal body
    Performing online control and monitoring of East Azerbaijan gas Co.
    Receiving CE and IP certifications from EPIL Co.


    Designing and producing insertion electromagnetic flow meters, flanged electromagnetic flow meters with metal core and full polycarbonate body, wafer flow meters with full polycarbonate body


    Designing and producing full steel flow meters with food and pharmaceutical grade, (No Inlet No Outlet, 0D-0D) electromagnetic flow meters
    Upgrading electromagnetic flow meters with full metal body and equipping it with battery


    Designing smart electromagnetic battery-based flow meters and obtaining relevant certification from Iran Ministry of Energy
    Providing high production capacity
    Receiving the title, “knowledge-based” for the products:

Electromagnetic battery-based full metal body flow meter,

Ultrasonic transit time flow meter,

Smart electromagnetic battery-based flow meter,

Smart and online monitoring and control software


    Obtaining final certification for smart electromagnetic flow meters from Iran Ministry of Energy


    Rewarded as the best industrial section and receiving golden prize of Minor Industries Support Day

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