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Product Produced in Corporation with Flotron Company (Korea)

This product mounts on the existing manual valves currently installed on sites and makes them possible for remote and/or automatic control.

Employed air-driven mechanism prone to explosions or during power failure.

Constructed with spur gears which is highly efficient and unlikely to cause damages in the valve due to excessive tightening with the specially designed Torque Limiter attached which controls the tightening(closure) torque.

Built on manually operable hand wheel rotates during automatic operation mode providing visibility of valve operation.

Detachable hand wheel has a safety dog installed which may be released during manual operation mode (Hand wheel stops during automatic operation and rotates during manual operation).

Configuration is broken down into sub-units and it facilitates inspection and maintenance easy.

Applicable to:

Oil Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical Industries            Electricity and Power Generation Industry

Gas Industry (City Gas, LPG)                                    Water Supply and Sewerage Treatment Facilities

Textile and Chemical Fiber Industries                          Iron and Steel Making Industries

Shipbuilding                                                          Cement

Other Industries utilizing Valves

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